Aluminum and Brass Sand Casting Foundry

What Can Non Ferrous Cast Alloys Do For You?

NFCA has decades of experience with a wide range of sand casting capabilities.  These capabilities have made NFCA a proven leader in the aluminum and brass sand casting industry. NFCA produces components for companies large and small, from “one-off” prototypes to high volume production castings, and from initial design to finishing and logistics.

Our quality standards provide peace of mind knowing that every detail is being painstakingly overseen. From outside to inside, each and every casting meets our thorough set of inspection guidelines. Parts don’t ship unless they’re exactly what the customer is expecting.


Sand Cast Product Sampling

NFCA produces a large variety of Aluminum and Brass sand castings for products and industries across the United States and around the globe.

Cylinder Heads, Front Covers, Brackets, Intake Manifold, Water Outlet, Oil Cross-over, oil filter adapters, engine mounts

Flow meters, fire sprinkler systems, plumbing valves, fire-hydrant stems & seals, fire truck pumping components, pump housings

Flywheel housings, oil pans, air inlets, suspension shims, transmission housings, oil tubes, brakets, spacers, exhuast tubes

Stator housing, gear housing, robotic components, generator housing, yoke castings, hoist housing, railcar shock system, hospital bed bracket, control pedal, hydrualic manifolds, grounding components

Tanker Truck & Underground Tank: adapter connections, check valves, vapor recovery systems, fuel nozzles, valve bodies

Bronze impellors, propellers, eductor systems, air intake, brass elbows, motor mounts, I/O housings

ATV steering knuckle, downrigger bases/components, fishing accessories, brake calipers, gas pedals

Oil pan, elbow, covers, brackets, transmission housing, fan housing

Intakes, transmission housings, engine brackets, furniture, oil pans

Table base, extrusion end cap, brass lamp base, easel base

Engine brackets, breather tubes, cargo components

Barinder Robotic Grinders


NFCA continually strives to provide higher quality and on-time delivery by making regular and substantial investments in technology. Currently, key NFCA equipment includes:

Greensand Molding Equipment:

1 Robert Sinto FBO II – 14 X 19 flask size

1 Robert Sinto FBO III (high speed) – 20 X 24 flask size

2 Osborn 3191 Rota-Lift with various flask sizes

1 Osborn 3161 Rota-Lift with various flask sizes

All of our molding machines are ideally suited for the production of high quality sand castings and increased productivity. The benefits include reduced mold shift problems, improved mold hardness, better surface finish and achieve greater molding consistency with reduced finishing costs.

Airset / No bake molding:

Kloster Mixer, 600lb./min.

Tinker Omega, 150lb./min.

Our airset and no bake molds are produced using state-of-the-art equipment that produces high quality castings in various sizes and complexities. NFCA can meet any prototype to high volume requirements, all with the superior quality you expect from us.

On-site Core Machines

NFCA has multiple styles of core making machines to accommodate any design or take over projects. Having on-site core making ability allows NFCA to control lead times and provide customers with improved turnaround time.

Robotic Finishing with Barinder Grinders

After the installation of the first Barinder Grinder, NFCA redesigned the workflow to accommodate a second Barinder grinder. These robotic finishing grinders removes gates, burrs and parting line fins.  They are also capable of finishing complex interior casting surfaces.

These grinders combine innovative robotic part handling with unique grinding wheels to automate finish work quickly and reliably. With the Barinder grinders, the customers castings can be quickly cleaned in a single set-up. For most components, the Barinder’s are faster and more accurate than a manual operation. With Barinder robotic grinders, NFCA can offer our customers improved productivity, safety, and repeatability.

Leading-Edge Computer System to Decrease Complexity

NFCA requires advanced technology for the enormous amounts of data that is accrued. We have invested in modern computing hardware, software, and networking technology, allowing us to improve our manufacturing, logistics and customer communication.

Sand System Controls for Aluminum, Brass and Bronze

Our Hartley Compactability Controller allows for near perfect compactabiliy, feeding molds with consistent sand, reducing casting defects and increasing the quality of the customer products.

Our PLC Controller allows us to self-diagnose sand system problems immediately, contributing to greater molding efficiencies and consistent production.  These controllers provide NFCA the ability to customize compactability to meet requirements for any job, giving us the versatility to service a variety of industries.

On-site X-Ray Equipment

Utilizing our specially designed 160Kva X-ray unit allows NFCA engineers to “look inside” a casting to evaluate quality standards not evident through other testing methods.

Heat Treat

We heat treat hundreds of castings daily and customize the process to meet our customers exact requirements. This value added service provides a more streamlined process to meet customer’s timeframe and budget.


NFCA has capabilities in treating customer castings with a sealing resin to prevent leaking in their component.


On-site X-Ray Equipment

160 Kva x-ray tube

Work envelope: 40x30x40 inches

Utilizing our specially designed LKX 2014 Real-time X-Ray Evaluation System allows NFCA engineers to “look-inside” a casting by using powerful image enhancement tools combined with the ability to annotate the images. The state-of-the-art video processor is not only designed to enhance x-ray images, but also analyze, document and store the images. These images can then be used in a variety of software programs to create Quality Assurance reports and documentation. This type of quality evaluation is not possible through other testing methods.

Penetrant Inspection

The use of liquid penetrant inspection allows NFCA engineers to detect any surface defects.  We apply highly visible liquids (either bright dyes or compounds that radiate ultraviolet light) to castings that penetrate exposed openings such as cracks, tears, pits, laps and porous surfaces.  Any imperfections retain the liquid and are visually apparent after a surface rinsing operation when exposed to a black light.


After casting the customer’s component, NFCA can provide through an outside source, additional machining procedures including drilling, tapping, turning and milling to provide greater control over the complete production process. This provides value through quality control, improved lead times and inventory reduction.

Protective finishes

NFCA provides a broad variety of finishes for our customers:

  • Anodizing
  • Hard Coat Anodize
  • Powder Coating
  • Painting
  • Plating
  • E-Coat (Electrophoretic Painting Process)
  • Others available per request

Tooling Design

No matter how complex your castings, NFCA has the skills and experience to precisely make them to meet your exact specification. It all starts with the tooling. By working close with our own process engineers and production departments, our pattern makers and designers can create tools that fit our equipment perfectly, and produce a better casting in a shorter lead-time.

Core box construction

NFCA provides core box construction to optimize the casting process for the customers component. NFCA can provide multiple different core box configurations to suit customer needs.

Metallurgical Services

NFCA offers a wide range of metallurgical testing, including mechanical and chemical analysis. We use state-of-the-art equipment that provides accurate, reliable and prompt metal testing that is tailored to meet individual requirements.

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Our employees’ dedication, pride in workmanship and leadership, is what drives our business. Performance focused and people driven makes careers at NFCA a great choice.

NFCA has immediate openings for EXPERIENCED pour off,  grinders and general foundry labor. We offer complete benefit package including medical, dental and 401K, quarterly performance bonuses and off-shift premium pay.