Aluminum and Brass Sand Casting Foundry


Non Ferrous Cast Alloys, Inc. is an aluminum, brass and Eco Brass sand casting foundry that produces prototype and production castings. The foundry utilizes green sand casting and air-set / no-bake casting methods.

Non Ferrous Cast Alloys (NFCA) has been devoted to progression since its inception in 1971. This devotion is propelled by the desire to stay on top of all of the latest industry trends and more importantly, provide our customers with the best service based around the latest technology and machinery. You can search for another non ferrous foundry, but they won’t match NFCA’s capabilities and customer service.

Added Value

All industries seek ways to increase value from their foundry partners.  Sand Casting from NFCA increases value through total cost management and improved manufacturability.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is a commitment and priority from every employee at NFCA. An attribute, such as on-time delivery, is meaningless without a product and partner that our customers can depend on.

On Time Delivery

In today’s competitive global marketplace, business partners need to meet the customers delivery expectations.  NFCA has company wide resources dedicated to ensuring on-time delivery to meet our customer’s delivery expectations every time.

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Trusted since 1971

Continuous Improvement

One of the goals at NFCA is zero returned parts per million (PPM).  NFCA is continually striving to deliver flawless components for industries we serve.  NFCA engineers continually monitor the company’s processes and performance to move closer to that goal.  This is what customers expect and what is expected at NFCA.

Trust Is Everything

Since 1971 customers have trusted the product and delivery given by NFCA.  The broad customer base in both size and industry (Fortune 500 companies and individual companies) alike has not slowed down production or hindered quality for NFCA.

Our Directors

Since our beginning in 1971, Non Ferrous Cast Alloys has strived to separate ourselves from the competition by investing in the latest equipment and technology. This was initiated by consistent upgrades and plant expansions to accommodate customer demand. Non Ferrous Cast Alloys has become an exceptional facility and operation because of the vision of its leaders and daily dedication of its hard working employees.

Experience the difference.
Experience Non Ferrous Cast Alloys’ state-of-the-art facilities firsthand. You’ll see the difference immediately and find assurance in our processes and capabilities. Schedule your personalized tour today…come see for yourself.


Our employees’ dedication, pride in workmanship and leadership, is what drives our business. Performance focused and people driven makes careers at NFCA a great choice.

NFCA has immediate openings for EXPERIENCED pour off,  grinders and general foundry labor. We offer complete benefit package including medical, dental and 401K, quarterly performance bonuses and off-shift premium pay.