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Why choose Non Ferrous Cast Alloys Brass and Aluminum Foundry?

Non Ferrous Cast Alloys, Inc. is an industry leading brass and aluminum foundry producing precision aluminum and brass sand castings. To ensure successful customer relationships, we do everything possible to keep you satisfied and ahead of your competition. Starting with your design specifications, we map-out a precise production plan that will ultimately lead to the delivery of your order… on-time and defect free. Our close attention to detail, precision casting techniques, and our never ending investment in the latest technology and equipment, allows us to produce the highest quality non-ferrous castings possible.


Our specialized ‘value added’ services include:

Prototype castings, high volume production castings, X-ray testing, heat treat, impregnation, machining, protective finishes, tooling design, core box construction, and metallurgy


Non Ferrous Cast Alloys lowers costs and increases value for manufacturers in a variety of ways – from less expensive tooling and set-up, to savings on secondary services. Even our manufacturing processes are designed to produce short and long run sand castings economically. Non Ferrous Cast Alloys is committed to keeping your project on or under budget.


While any company can promise a quick turn around, not every company delivers it. Non Ferrous Cast Alloys prides ourself on providing timely delivery of the finished product, using a proven process that allows for a quick turn-around from quote to delivery.


Non Ferrous Cast Alloys takes exceptional pride in the work we do. All of Non Ferrous Cast Alloys castings are made with 100% certified metal ingot – no scrap metal is used. All of the sand Non Ferrous Cast Alloys uses in mold making is laboratory tested for uniformity and molding characteristics.


Non Ferrous Cast Alloys assures our customers of the commitment to quality and to continual improvement. As a ISO-9001 certified company, Non Ferrous Cast Alloys has clearly defined procedures for thorough production process records, and consistent output checks for any defects.

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Success Stories

Aluminum Foundry

At the request of the client, Non Ferrous Cast Alloys developed sand cast prototypes in their aluminum foundry of a component used in commercial trucks. This component (an oil pan) went into production using another process and supplier. The engines had issues in the field. To address the problem, the customer needed to increase oil capacity in the pan. Unfortunately, to make this change using a permanent tool, it would take as long as 12 weeks.


Aluminum Foundry

Moving casting from one aluminum foundry to another isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. But, in 2007, Non Ferrous Cast Alloys was requested to take over  48 existing tools from another aluminum foundry. The majority of these parts had a poor history of quality issues with the previous supplier. The customer chose Non Ferrous Cast Alloys for their proven track record pouring high quality aluminum sand castings.


Aluminum Foundry

Non Ferrous Cast Alloys aluminum foundry customer had severe quality issues from another supplier. The part (a water outlet) was being produced as a low-pressure permanent mold casting.  The Tier I supplier was machining this thin wall (.180”) complex shape casting that required a sand core.  There was extensive machining on the part which was 100% leak tested after machining by the customer.  Impregnation was not allowed.



Experience the difference.
Experience Non Ferrous Cast Alloys’ state-of-the-art aluminum foundry facilities firsthand. You’ll see the difference immediately and find assurance in our processes and capabilities. Schedule your personalized tour today…come see for yourself.


Our employees’ dedication, pride in workmanship and leadership, is what drives our business. Performance focused and people driven makes careers at NFCA a great choice.

NFCA has immediate openings for EXPERIENCED pour off,  grinders and general foundry labor. We offer complete benefit package including medical, dental and 401K, quarterly performance bonuses and off-shift premium pay.