Aluminum and Brass Sand Casting Foundry

Overachievement Becomes a Win-Win

Moving casting from one foundry to another isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. But, in 2007, NFCA was requested to take over  48 existing tools from another foundry. The majority of these parts had a poor history of quality issues with the previous supplier. The customer chose NFCA for their proven track record pouring high quality sand castings.

Lower Total Cost

The previous foundry had a lower per-piece price than NFCA, but the large number of quality issues meant increased costs for the customer. By choosing NFCA, the customer identified savings  in the total cost by choosing them as provider.

Quality Implementation

The first step in the transfer of these tools was a detailed review of all tooling and the history of quality issues.  NFCA made recommendations on tool repairs and conversions to run on automatic molding machines. The gating on each tool was upgraded with a permanent solid gating.

Consolidating Services

In the past, this client only purchased casting services from NFCA. Now, through a change in buying practices the customer receives a complete casting and only has to work with one supplier–NFCA.

This project was highly successful and has solidified relationship between the customer and NFCA.