Aluminum and Brass Sand Casting Foundry

Major Losses Averted

At the request of the client, NFCA developed sand cast prototypes of a component used in commercial trucks. This component (an oil pan) went into production using another process and supplier. The engines had issues in the field. To address the problem, the customer needed to increase oil capacity in the pan. Unfortunately, to make this change using a permanent tool, it would take as long as 12 weeks.

Decreased supply time

NFCA revised their existing prototype tool and submitted samples of a larger capacity pan, in one week. Their customer approved the design and NFCA immediately began production with the modified tool. The customer was so impressed with the turn around that they had NFCA build two additional tools for them.

Adding a second shift, NFCA began providing 400 parts per week for 8 weeks until their customer arrived back on schedule with the  a modified tool. This allowed the end user an immediate fix for a field issue and minimized the negative exposure in the field.

The customer saved expenses and their reputation while working with NFCA.


Our employees’ dedication, pride in workmanship and leadership, is what drives our business. Performance focused and people driven makes careers at NFCA a great choice.

NFCA has immediate openings for EXPERIENCED pour off,  grinders and general foundry labor. We offer complete benefit package including medical, dental and 401K, quarterly performance bonuses and off-shift premium pay.