Aluminum and Brass Sand Casting Foundry

Experience the Non Ferrous Cast Alloys difference, experience the difference
Non Ferrous Cast Alloys is fully automated to assure high-efficiency output and consistent quality.

Sinto FBO III automated molding

Sinto FBO II automated molding

Barrinder operator
Barinder robotic grinder systems

Automated sand system quality control

Quality control / X-ray laboratory

Electronic Furnace
Electronically controlled melting furnaces


The NFCA difference stems from our devotion to making quality non-ferrous sand castings consistently and on-time. What makes this possible is our skilled and dedicated workforce, our use of automated equipment, our efficiency-driven workflow floor plan, our unwavering commitment to the latest technology, and our continuous investments in state-of-the-art equipment. Even our West Michigan location has proven to serve our customers needs efficiently throughout North America. Plus the fact that we have been doing this since 1972 is a testament to our casting excellence.

From molding to pouring, robotic finishing to on-site x-ray capabilities, to our on-site quality control test lab, NFCA has the ability to produce consistent quality non-ferrous sand castings which keep customers coming back time and again.

Experience Non Ferrous Cast Alloys’ state-of-the-art facilities firsthand. You’ll see the difference immediately and find assurance in our processes and capabilities. You’ll also leave with a clear understanding why customers trust us to fulfill their entire casting needs. Schedule your personalized tour today.